Announced: Hemlock Tavern Show!

Holy shizlet we are huge fans of Hemlock Tavern & huge fans of Chicago's Electric Hawk (seriously, go listen. I'll wait). Wouldn't you know it we're getting to gently warm the stage before they perform the SF gig on their west coast tour? Noah Leger is one of the most incredible drummers I've ever had the privilege of seeing perform. My late 90's band Sunday Driver got to open for his incredible band Hurl oh, like, almost 20 years ago or so in Pittsburgh (my ugly afro is in that crowd). I am very grateful to do so yet again. Electric Hawk is on fairly consistent rotation around here. It's like if Don Cab drank a little more Bud Heavy versus coffee... or something. Older Sun seem to be up our alley with some Blue Cheer kinda psych loud freakout happening so I guess what I'm saying is don't miss this gig.

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