The new LP out now! Click the cover to stream!

The new LP out now! Click the cover to stream!

Mixing our new 4 song EP 

We did a full day and a half at Tiny Telephone at the end of February and are beginning to mix the new EP. Two songs we've played a bit live, 'Stranded on the Line' and 'Waiting for Good Dough' with 'Leaving While You Stay' and 'Starry Eyes' are kinda neat, and different for us. We'll celebrate with a show somewhere soon.

Announced: Hemlock Tavern Show! 

Holy shizlet we are huge fans of Hemlock Tavern & huge fans of Chicago's Electric Hawk (seriously, go listen. I'll wait). Wouldn't you know it we're getting to gently warm the stage before they perform the SF gig on their west coast tour? Noah Leger is one of the most incredible drummers I've ever had the privilege of seeing perform. My late 90's band Sunday Driver got to open for his incredible band Hurl oh, like, almost 20 years ago or so in Pittsburgh (my ugly afro is in that crowd). I am very grateful to do so yet again. Electric Hawk is on fairly consistent rotation around here. It's like if Don Cab drank a little more Bud Heavy versus coffee... or something. Older Sun seem to be up our alley with some Blue Cheer kinda psych loud freakout happening so I guess what I'm saying is don't miss this gig.

Bender's Jukebox WTF 

There may be no better affirmation for a musician than to see their CD in the jukebox of one of the finest bars in the land. But hey, there it is, and Johnny even played it while we were imbibing in tequila shots together. This may or may have not led to my rendition of 'Hot Blooded' at their monthly karaoke later that evening. Shout out to Bender's where we've played some of our absolute best rock and roll shows that we can (for the most part) recall.


LP release show at Bottom of the Hill = incredible! 

Such a fantastic night! Check out our pal Vic's not-so-secret bootlegs here and here. The Royal Panics cracked 💯 at Bottom of the Hill, and we got to hangout in the legendary Green Room. Amazing show even though I dressed like a chef. Thanks Lynn, Ramona, Ari & Standoff, and so good to see all you fine peoples.

The Royal Panics are some of the Bay's premier rock and roll ambassadors. Built out of talent, grit, and boundless experience, the SF trio brings power and energy to every life show. Pure rock flows through their veins. ”

- The Kind Folks at Bottom Of The Hill

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